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Trend Compass is a data visualization software using the latest and most powerful ideas in data visualization which is the Animated Motion Chart.

Presenting our outstanding motion charts software - Trend Compass; we shall know more about motion charts, and as motion charts are a trend of data visualization; we shall also know what data visualization term means theoretically and practically.

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is the study of the visual representation of data, defined as information which has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information.

Practically the aim of data visualization is to purge the burden of analyzing blocks of data by converting these blocks into user-friendly figures which can easily tell what this data means, thus minimizing effort, time, and money consumed in analyzing raw blocks of data.

What is a Motion Chart?

Motion Chart is a new trend in data visualization which can tell a very easy and clear story of huge amounts of raw data without the burden of reading bulk numbers & text. Unlike the traditional graphs used in data visualization using "X" & "Y" axes ONLY; Motion Charts add a new variable which we can call "T" or Time, which makes the chart tell an enjoyable story of the data which was previously presented as static shapes and colors on normal charts.

Motion Chart Sample

The chart below represents the data of 3 rate plans (“Star”, “Primo” and “Alo”) of a GSM mobile company. There are 3 variables "Total Call (Millions)", "Percentage of Clients" and "Number of clients. NOT only this; the chart presents these data in an animation for a sequence of 8 years. N.B.: Unlike any other chart uploaded in any static format.

N.B. The following image is a static screen capture of Trend Compass. You can view this chart and try Trend Compass with lots of features on this Link.

Lots and lots of information and observations you can get out from this chart. As we can see; "X" axis represents "Total Calls" made by clients for each rate plan. The “Y" axis represents "Percentage of Clients" for each rate plan.

PLUS... The 3rd Axis... As we mentioned earlier it's Time, were adding time means that we'll have animation telling the story of the data over time instead of just watching static images on several charts- with a new chart for each interval of time.

An addition we can see another visualization in Trend Compass, which is the difference in the size of the circles, which represents in this example the "Number of Clients" on each rate plan, and can be considered our 4th axis.

As any static visualization of normal charts; you can get some conclusions from the relation between "X" & "Y" axes, and through the Motion Chart’s EXCLUSIVE variables; you can get many other conclusions, some of them are:
• The increase in the size of circles which represent the increase in the number of clients on the corresponding rate plan, and unlike normal chart this increase is appearing over the 8 years, by which we can conclude that the number of clients for each rate plan was always increasing.
• The massive increase in number of total calls made by both of the Green & Red rate plans OVER TIME, where these two are the plans for medium and high clients, while the Blue rate plan is making a very low number of calls OVER TIME as it's the plan for core clients.
• After knowing the category of clients holding each plan; you can easily observe that huge increase in percentage of clients OVER TIME who are holding the Blue rate plan versus the other two plans. So.We can observe - as an example - bad economic conditions showing a rise in percentage of core clients versus medium and high clients.
• Many other conclusions can be observed, if we took more time to deform this chart using Trend Compass were it offers the ability to change the "X" & "Y" axes on the spot plus many other abilities to test your data and get as many STORIES as possible out of huge bulk numbers.

Take your time to display the chart (back&forth) many times and experience the Beauty of Motion Charts.

Now You can be a member and use Trend Compass with your own data for free. Just click the following link for Free Registration.

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