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Hisham Abdel Meguid makes complex and highly technical software systems seem easy. With a knack for translating intricate concepts into digestible language,

His exclusive software systems generate incredible 3D virtual worlds that allow companies to see into the future. Enigma’s Yashreeka Huq meets Hisham Abdel Meguid, the man behind the revolutionary technology company, Epic Systems. Hisham Abdel Meguid makes complex and highly technical software systems seem easy. With a knack for translating intricate concepts into digestible language, he can provide his products to business leaders who are often a little less technologically adept than they like to let on. As the CEO of Epic Systems, he’s spearheading a regional technological revolution by providing the software innovations necessary to drive Arab businesses into the digital age.

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Trend Compass is a data visualization software using the latest and most powerful ideas in data visualization which is the Animated Motion Chart.

Wow- check out all the ideas in this demo

1. The Animated Motion Chart, watch the data trends over time. You can pull the slider in the Time axis, or click play to watch the show.
2. The filters on the right- hide or show different objects, and/or display their inidividual paths
3. The options for switching views- want to look at the data from a different perspective, just select different options in the top right, and change the Size settings (size could be named better, it just allows you to look at different sources of data on the graph).

TrendCompass - A raw gem in the Data Visualization treasure box

On my recent post, I received a request is the form of comment from someone claiming to be from EPIC Systems requesting a review of their product. Out of curiosity I took a look of the product and after my initial review, I can say that this product definitely looks like a raw gem which can be made an industry class standard in data visualization and analysis. There are still some questions open in my mind regarding this software, which I would come across very shortly.


EPIC Systems on Wamda

While the events of Tahrir Square have irrevocably opened the door for economic policy change in Egypt, the transition has, in the short-term, favored companies that focus on a global market. Cairo-based IT services company EPIC Systems, Yet, as founder Hisham Abdel Maguid revealed, the choice to sell overseas was made out of necessity, since selling specialized products, such as a five dimensional data visualization package Trend Compass, proved near impossible in a local market. Given the wave of optimism and gradual reform sweeping the country, however, Abdel Maguid notes that the time to focus on purely local product may finally be at hand

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Trend Compass is data visualization software using animated motion charts. It is similar to a well known Google Widget and Hans Rosling's Trendalyzer software using animated charts. Working with these charts is a new trend in data visualization. Unlike the Google solutions Trend Compass allows the company data to stay inside the firewall, it also doesn't require any opening of Google during a presentation, and it looks more flexible. This does mean that it is likely to be more suitable for statistical offices to work with this product than with the Google solutions that are also powerful but less controleable. Google can change the looks of its services without having to communicate with its free users. For many statistical offices this is not an acceptable practise. Trend Compass comes with a free downloadable trial version. It has a feature to export EXE, PPS, HTML and AVI files. The latter giving the possibility of recording Audio/Video for the charts created.

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I was just sent a promo piece by Epic Systems on their visualization system called Trend Compass. With a brief examination, it creates bubble charts and includes a time slider on the X Axis that allows you to control a simple time animation. Nice for some kinds of time-dynamic data. You could argue that it over complicates data presentation when that is not needed. Worth a look. Here an example I liked on US employment and another on the stock market.

ONE ON ONE: Epic Systems creating a virtual reality

By Theodore May / Daily News Egypt August 20, 2009, 2:00 am

CAIRO: Call it a meeting of the Hishams - one a business guru, one a technology wiz, who have partnered to create some of the most innovative 3D work coming out of the region today. Hisham Abdel Maguid partnered his business prowess with Hesham Medhat's technological acumen to create Epic Systems, which launched early last year. Abdel Maguid worked for many years for IBM. Then he switched to real estate."I made the mistake of pursuing something new. But the IT industry is always changing, he said, acknowledging that in the IT sector, it's never good enough to be on the curve; entrepreneurs need to be ahead of the curve.

At Alan Krueger Lecture

Trend Compass at Institute For Advanced Study Alan Krueger Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University using Trend Compass to demonstrate unemployment rates in U.S. Experience how it's easy to analyze data using Trend Compass motion charts. And observe the difference between motion charts and regular static charts.

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